7 Steps to Building a Strawberry Planter from Pallets: A DIY Guide


The appeal of cultivating your own strawberries is a delight that every gardener can relate to. The joy of watching a plant grow from a tiny seedling to a mature, fruit-bearing plant is simply unmatched. This article provides a detailed approach on how to construct a strawberry planter from pallets, offering a creative and eco-friendly method to relish fresh strawberries from your own garden.

Identifying the Suitable Pallet

The initial step involves the crucial task of choosing the right pallet. It’s advisable to choose heat-treated pallets over those treated with chemicals, to protect your strawberries from harmful substances. Look out for the ‘HT’ (Heat Treated) stamp on the pallet as a confirmation.

Required Materials

The following is an exhaustive list of the materials required:

  1. A heat-treated pallet
  2. Garden fabric
  3. Staple gun
  4. Premium potting soil
  5. Strawberry plants

Constructing Your Strawberry Planter

Once you’ve gathered all necessary materials, it’s time to start building. Here’s a sequential guide to assist you in crafting the perfect strawberry planter from pallets.

Step 1: Pallet Preparation

Begin by smoothening the pallet to eliminate any sharp edges that might pose a threat to your plants or yourself. Once done, cover the back, bottom, and sides of the pallet with garden fabric and secure it using a staple gun.

Step 2: Adding the Soil

Position your pallet upright and commence filling it with potting soil. Ensure that the soil is firmly packed between each slat.

Step 3: Planting the Strawberries

The thrilling part arrives – planting the strawberries! Dig small holes in the soil and delicately place your strawberry plants into them. Make sure that the crown of each plant is level with the soil surface.

Maintaining Your Strawberry Planter

Constructing a strawberry planter from pallets is just the beginning; consistent maintenance is key. Regularly water your strawberries, particularly during dry spells. Moreover, using an organic fertilizer monthly can promote healthy growth.

Gathering Your Strawberries

The moment of victory comes when your strawberries are ripe for harvesting! They’re ready to be picked when they turn entirely red. Remember to handle with care to avoid damaging the plant.


Building a strawberry planter from pallets is an effective and sustainable method for homegrown, mouth-watering strawberries. Besides adding to your garden’s visual appeal, it brings unending joy as you watch your strawberries flourish.

Strawberry planter from pallets

For more detailed information on preparing the perfect soil for your strawberries, check out the complete guide to creating your own high quality potting soil.

You can also find more information about strawberry planting on Wikipedia.

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