Dear friends, brothers and sisters,

Welcome to the website of the Studium Fraternitatis. This is a russian nonprofit project dedicated to Rosicrucianism.

We write and translate articles on the history and teachings of the rosicrucians. We don`t promote any RC group — we`re interested in the spirit of rosicrucian teachings itself, as we would say.

We hope, like many groups and individuals, to contribute to the preparation of the world space for the birth of a new Rosicrucianism — a new revelation of the Brotherhood in our day, in the coming age of Aquarius.

Rosicrucianism, from our point of view, is a spiritual vocation and it unites people in different countries, making them truly brothers and sisters despite the difference in languages ​​and cultures.

All our publications are in Russian. If you, in the above sense, are our brother or sister, we will be happy to translate your texts and publish them in our language. We speak and understand english and german.

We are open to communication with historians, philosophers and researchers, as well as with all people interested in spiritual development, thirsting for Light and Truth like we do.