Unleash Your Creativity: Craft Your Very Own Snow Globe


Snow globes, with their miniature sceneries and glittery snowstorms, have captivated people’s imagination for generations. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll show you, step-by-step, how to create your very own snow globes. Not only is it an engaging craft project, but it can also be a unique and personal gift.

Materials Needed

  1. Glass Jar with Lid – Start the magic with a simple glass jar. Any jar will do, but those with a smooth, round surface will offer the best views of the magical world within. Remember, the lid will serve as the base of your snow globe, so ensure it’s secure.

  2. Figurines or Ornaments – Select items that reflect your personal style or theme. These could be plastic or porcelain figures, small toys, or even a small photo inside a waterproof case.

  3. Distilled Water – To ensure the visibility of your miniature magic land isn’t clouded, it’s best to use distilled water to fill the globe.

  4. Glycerin – This is a key ingredient in your snow globe. Glycerin is mixed with the water to make the glitter fall slower, creating that mesmerizing snowy effect.

  5. Glitter or White Sequins – Add a touch of sparkle to your snow globe with glitter or sequins that will represent the snowfall.

  6. Waterproof Glue and Silicone Sealant– To secure your figurines to the inside of the jar lid and to prevent any water from leaking out.

Step-by-Step Creation of Your Snow Globe

A. Preparing the Interior

Step 1: Begin by creating your desired scene by fixing your chosen ornaments onto the inside of the jar lid using your waterproof glue. Allow this to sit and dry completely before proceeding.

B. Creating the Snowstorm

Step 2: Next, create your snowstorm. Fill your glass jar almost to the top with distilled water. The empty space will be filled by the figurines, so don’t fill it to the brim.

Step 3: Add a couple drops of glycerin to the water. This will make your ‘snow’ fall more slowly and resemble an actual snowstorm.

Step 4: Choose your ‘snow.’ Glitter or sequins, when added to the mix, will swirl and twinkle, creating a magical snowfall.

C. Filling and Sealing the Globe

Step 5: Once your base is completely dry, immerse it slowly into your snow-filled jar. Make sure everything fits well and looks as planned.

Step 6: Screw the lid tightly onto the jar. You’ll then want to ensure a watertight seal by applying silicone sealant around the area where the lid and jar meet.

D. Finishing Touches

Step 7: Lastly, give your snow globe a personal touch. Decorate the base with paint or fabric, or even add a label describing the scene within.


Creating your own snow globe is a fun, simple way to bring a touch of magic into your home, or to share it with someone else. The best part? The design possibilities are endless – limited only by your imagination. The process is relaxing, rewarding, and offers a wonderful opportunity to create something truly special. So go ahead – start crafting your own unique universe in a jar!

Remember, each snow globe tells a story.Begin crafting your story today with your very own snow globe!

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