5 Essential Steps to Master DIY Fake Cakes Creation: A Comprehensive Guide


The art of DIY fake cakes creation can be both an engaging hobby and an incredible way to express your creativity. These faux cakes are not just for decoration, but also serve multiple purposes such as props for photoshoots or practice for aspiring cake decorators. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of crafting a fake cake that will dazzle anyone who sees it.

Why Choose DIY Fake Cakes?

Faux cakes, also known as dummy cakes, are versatile and functional. They are ideal for window displays, home staging, theater props, food photography, and even as practice material for cake decorating enthusiasts. The allure of DIY fake cakes lies in their flexibility – they can be as basic or as elaborate as you want, based on your proficiency and the cake’s intended use.

Essentials for DIY Fake Cake Crafting

Prior to starting the crafting process, it’s crucial to have all necessary materials at hand. Here’s a list of everything you’ll need to create your faux masterpiece:

  • Styrofoam cake dummy: Available in various shapes and sizes for diverse cake designs.
  • Acrylic paint: Acts as the base color for your cake.
  • Silicone spatula: Useful for spreading the ‘icing.’
  • Joint compound: Replicates the look of real icing.
  • Craft glue: Ensures decorations stay in place.
  • Decorations: Choose from faux flowers, ribbons, beads, and more to adorn your cake.

DIY fake cakes creation

A Five-Step Guide to DIY Fake Cake Crafting

With all the materials ready, let’s delve into the crafting process.

Step 1: Cake Dummy Preparation

Start by applying a coat of acrylic paint on your styrofoam cake dummy. This will form the base color of your cake. Let the paint dry completely before proceeding.

Step 2: ‘Icing’ Application

Prepare the joint compound until it’s smooth and spreadable. Using your silicone spatula, apply the compound on the cake dummy to mimic real icing. Allow it to dry completely.

Step 3: Cake Decoration

Once your ‘icing’ has dried, it’s time to embellish! Use craft glue to fix your chosen decorations onto the cake. From faux flowers and ribbons to beads and other adornments, you can add anything you like. Allow the glue to dry thoroughly.

Step 4: The Final Touches

After all decorations are firmly in place and the glue has dried, you can add any finishing touches. This could be additional layers of ‘icing,’ more decorative elements, or even a sprinkle of craft glitter to simulate sugar.

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Ensuring Realism in Your DIY Fake Cake

To make your DIY fake cake as realistic as possible, consider these tips:

  • Use various tools like a cake comb or icing smoother for texture in your ‘icing.’
  • Experiment with diverse paint colors and joint compound to emulate different cake flavors and icing styles.
  • Hone your decorating skills! The more you practice, the more authentic your cakes will appear.


The art of DIY fake cakes creation is an enjoyable, inventive, and practical skill that anyone can acquire. Whether you’re looking to polish your cake decorating skills, create striking display pieces, or just enjoy a unique hobby, crafting fake cakes offers boundless creative opportunities. With perseverance, practice, and our comprehensive guide, you’ll be producing realistic-looking fake cakes before you know it.

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